Your content is your marketing.

Content-driven organic growth for publishers,

brand-builders, newsletterers, and algorithm skeptics


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Reach new audiences without a hefty advertising budget or an SEO specialist on retainer. Structure and position your content for organic discovery without compromising quality.

This course is for:

  • Content and brand strategists
  • Digital¬†distribution experts
  • Information architects and UX designers
  • Audience editors
  • Established independent creators and publications who have¬†consistently created content for more than 2 years

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Great content, structured properly, contributes directly to business growth. 


It's the mid-2020s, and we've entered a new era of organic discovery.

All content optimizations are not the same. Traffic for traffic‚Äôs sake doesn‚Äôt necessarily entice an audience to stick around with your business. Content created ‚Äúfor SEO‚ÄĚ alienates potential readers.¬†Recommendations from SEO audit tools no longer significantly improve performance.

None of those tired tactics help your original, well-researched, human-created content rise above spammy grey goo. 

Pundits shout that the open web is dead. But you're still committed to creating gangbusters content.

So how do you keep reaching new people with killer content amid everyone else’s automated filler?

Presented by Deborah Carver and The Content Technologist, this¬†new course‚ÄĒYour Content Is Your Marketing‚ÄĒcovers the structural optimization approach that consistently attracts quality audiences, and has done so for¬†10+ years of content optimization and management‚ÄĒthroughout all algorithmic quakes and resets.

In five info-packed units, you'll turn your ephemeral newsy content into a well-organized, crawlable web archive. Instead of spamming prospects or spending unnecessary money and time on promotion, you'll create a website that compels readers to dive deep into new work and old.

Course overview

In Your Content Is Your Marketing, you'll learn how to position your content and your brand for success in the knowledge graph-centric AI era.

Make your content more discoverable without feeling like you're spamming your readers. Craft your web-based library so audiences looking for quality information can find the content you've invested time, effort, and money into developing.

Even if you're an algorithm skeptic, this course will help position your expertise to be more engaging for audiences who are actively seeking your quality content.

Course outline

I. Content discovery and the knowledge graph

Familiarize yourself with the knowledge graph, benchmark your content, and throw out those stale misconceptions about search optimization.

II. Information architecture and navigation

Assess how to structure your website for organic discovery. Understand the architectures that support strong content.

III. Taxonomy, tagging, aggregation, and curation

To tag or to categorize? To aggregate or to curate? This section dives deep into when to use dynamic content filters and when you should add your human touch.

IV. On-page structure

Yes, you need headings. No, they don't need to align with People Also Ask and Autocomplete suggestions. Learn how to build content-focused pages so algorithms notice your content.

V. Strategies for keeping up with optimization

While strong web optimization is less work than pumping out new original social posts daily, it's still not set-it-and-forget-it. Learn strategies to manage ongoing optimization tasks.

VI. **Bonus** for Ghost users: How to do all of the above using Ghost's software

Ghost is an amazing platform for hosting a web-based newsletter. Learn to optimize your Ghost website and newsletter from an experienced Ghost user.

De-shittify the web. 

Stop wasting excess money on superfluous marketing and paid promotion. Keep creating brilliant content. Conquer your knowledge graph and structure your publication's or organization's for discovery. 

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About your instructor

Hi, I'm Deborah Carver, and I'm an independent consultant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In The Content Technologist newsletter, I've been writing about keyword research since 2019. As a consultant, I've completed SEO strategy projects since 2013, when Google introduced natural language processing (NLP) to its organic algorithms.

This course is original content I've never published in detail before. I'm demonstrating processes developed and iterated as search engines and device behavior have evolved.

I've executed successful¬†research for clients in more than 40 industries ‚ÄĒ leading art museums,¬†hyperniche B2B software products, Fortune 500s, environmental organizations, and more.

And to answer any questions you may have about the process, each course attendee will receive a complimentary one-to-one 15-minute consulting session with me.

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