Understanding Google Analytics 4

How to install, configure, and read GA4 for content professionals

The Content Technologist's flagship course, updated for the new GA4 admin experience. Arriving on our new course platform in June. Update coming summer 2024. 

Master the standard software for measuring web content

The transition to Google Analytics 4 has already passed, and we're all stuck with a new analytics platform that often feels alien from the GA we used to know.

This course will give you the answers to top questions about GA4, including:

  • How do I find the metrics I need to make decisions about my content?
  • How do¬†I configure events and conversions in the new interface?
  • What is the interface like, and how do I access the best reports?
  • How do¬†I customize GA4 for my organization?

The Content Technologist's first-ever course aims to demystify web analytics for everyone, whether you've previously learned GA or you're a complete analytics newbie.

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