The Content Strategy Expansion Pack

Advanced courses designed to superpower your brand's audience development,

growth-oriented content, and strategic planning

Cultivate content permaculture

Created by The Content Technologist, the 2024 Content Strategy Expansion Pack contains four relatively short but evidence-backed, practice-packed courses cover reliable techniques, checklists, and frameworks to

  • triangulate audience research¬†
  • optimize a website for discovery
  • analyze content performance
  • and use those insights to create quality digital media that supports your business.

Each course busts myths about old hacks gone bad, all while arming you with the confidence you need to manage web content in a world of generative AI.

One course will be released the last day of each quarter in 2024. Expansion Pack preorders are limited to the first 30 customers.

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Courses in the Expansion Pack

Released quarterly throughout 2024, each course in The Expansion Pack is designed for experienced creators and content strategists to understand the theories and practices that cultivate informative, human content that attracts audiences on the web. 

 1. Gather and refine your research.

In More than (key)Words, learn how to triangulate and organize high-quality AI-assisted research that matches your audience's needs with your business goals.

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2. Structure your content for discovery.

Build a reusable foundation from all the great content work you've already created, and lay the groundwork for expanding your brand's knowledge graph.


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3. Measure for your business needs.

Content performance needs to be measured and attributed differently than ecommerce or lead generation. Use analytics to understand what a content-based journey looks like for your audience.

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4. Create change with content.

Let your data reveal the clearest path to success. Analyze, interpret, plan, and explain your existing data and fuel your content's impact.

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Bonus: Unlock the power of GA4

Like it or not, Google Analytics 4 is the measurement standard across the web. Get to know GA4's powerful features and to set up measurement so it makes the most sense for your business.

Created in 2022, The Content Technologist's flagship course aims to demystify the web's most popular measurement tool. Updates to the admin section and a primer on Google Tag Manager coming summer 2024.

"Keyword research makes online content better" in a handwriting font, as if a student is writing lines.
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Level up your content strategy skills in 2024. Learn what content to make, how to structure it to attract an audience, and how to measure its impact.

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The curriculum 

Each course teaches an individual concept. Together, they build on each other as a comprehensive overview of data-driven content strategy.

Each¬†Expansion Pack course is self-paced, designed to be¬†completed¬†in under 45 minutes per day. Each unit is also broken into smaller conceptual chunks‚ÄĒsnackable, as we say.

Each Expansion Pack course comprises:

  • Five units, each between¬†15 and 45 minutes
  • One¬†hands-on practice exercise (using your own data or our example)
  • Background and context for the course framework
  • Anecdotes and use cases of the mildly entertaining kind
  • At least three distinct, foundational analytics techniques or¬†advanced software techniques¬†per course
  • Between 2 and¬†3 hours of video total
  • Offscreen and exploration activities can be completed¬†at your own pace
  • Summaries, transcripts, and subtitles with headings available
  • Lifetime-ish access*
  • One 15-minute video 1:1 with the instructor at the end of the course
  • Planned for 2025: Directory listing and community features


*Sorry to be the weird cynical indie publisher, but no one can guarantee you lifetime anything, especially not on the internet. But as long as The Content Technologist, LLC is on the internet, your course content will be accessible.


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The Expansion Pack is for:

Brand strategists and copywriters


In the age of AI summaries, the words your organization uses online have a huge impact on how and when your organization is discovered. Learn to navigate the knowledge graph today.

Creators, audience editors, and publishers


End the cycle of feeding the beast by constantly publishing new content. Transform your content archive into an audience magnet, authoritative destination, and a business powerhouse.

SEO, UX, and content strategists


Remember that your human insight is better than AI software. Reframe your content approach, and add tools to your toolkit. Gain digital strategy prowess to prepare your clients for the web of the near future. 

About your instructor

Hi, I'm Deborah Carver, and I'm an independent consultant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In The Content Technologist newsletter, I've been writing about advanced content strategy and measurement since 2019. As a consultant, I've completed SEO strategy projects since 2013, when Google introduced natural language processing (NLP) to its organic algorithms.

The Expansion Pack comprises original content I've never published in detail before. These five courses represent the processes I've used to create measurable, creative, data-supported content strategies for organizations around the world.

I've executed successful¬†research for clients in more than 40 industries ‚ÄĒ leading art museums,¬†hyperniche B2B software products, Fortune 500s, environmental organizations, and more.

And to answer any questions you may have about the process, each course attendee will receive a complimentary one-to-one 15-minute consulting session with me.

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