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About the courses

In 2024, The Content Technologist is releasing a set of intermediate-level content strategy methodology courses.

Called the Expansion Pack, these four courses of brand new material¬†are¬†designed to help anyone¬†responsible for¬†website content‚ÄĒwhether for themselves or for an enterprise company‚ÄĒunderstand how to¬†structure web content to expand business organically.

Our flagship course, Understanding Google Analytics 4, will also be available on this web-based platform in June 2024. Content in this course will be updated later this summer.

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About The Content Technologist

The Content Technologist is a resource for content professionals working in the age of algorithms. We support knowledge workers in the theory, practice, business and craft of publishing digital content.

Read about our weekly free content strategy newsletter and access our full archive of content strategy resources on our homebase website.


The Content Technologist is also a content strategy consultancy founded in 2019 by Deborah Carver. We help businesses you've heard of with their audience research, information architecture, and website redesign strategy. 

If you need help with your large website redesign content strategy, do shout in our direction.

We're an evolving solopreneurship, and our brand style guide declares we use "we," even when we are down to just me, Deborah. More about me below.

Currently our business model is "building the plane while flying it, taking our own medicine, and mixing all the world's metaphors."

Pardon our mess in the meantime. If something is broken, kindly let us know. Remember that we are but one human assisted by a bevy of mediocre robots.

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About the creator/instructor

Hi! I'm Deborah Carver, and I'm an independent consultant with a 20-year career divided between traditional publishing and digital content strategy. I live in Minneapolis with my husband and two cats.

The courses I've developed are spun out of the weekly Content Technologist newsletter and expanded with in-depth strategic thinking and tactical practice, I'm hoping to share the digital content research and analysis methodologies I've developed with a broader audience. My goal with the launch of the Content Strategy Expansion Pack courses is to share the evidence-backed processes and thinking that have consistently worked for my clients.

I know that organic content, created with care and structured for discovery, can succeed above the overspammed and overoptimized commercial state of the web in 2024.

I'm hoping the Expansion Pack, a set of four courses released quarterly in 2024, will support writers, creators, developers, and strategists in helping good content become more visible online. I also hope to help online content-based businesses more financially viable without destroying the joy of online content. 

Read my full bio on The Content Technologist website.